Christoph Fricke

Student // Developer // Designer


I got interested in programming when I was still young. My first magic moment with a computer was building my own at the age of 7. To be honest, I wanted to build Darth Vaders mask... Well it turned into a full desktop computer.
Time past and I got more and more interested in software. I started doing simple web stuff now and then, since it was easily accessible. With 16 I got more seriously into programming and since then I continued to look into different programming languages and technologies. Web development is still something I do very frequently and enjoy doing most right now.


I am skilled in web-development, using languages like HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Javascript, PHP.
Next to web-development, I have also experience with languages like Python, Java and a little bit of C#.
Whenever I work on a project, I use Git in combination with GitHub to manage my code effectively.


I went to school in Germany and graduated in 2017.
All I known about programming up until this point is self tought.
Since then I have started studying Computer Science at the "Christian Albrechts Universit├Ąt zu Kiel" and working as a part time Javascript Programmer in a little start up.

I am also writing blog posts...

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